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A Koi Pond and swimming spiders are coming to Grounded in the Pond Update

It’s the biggest update ever for Grounded and it’s coming very soon.

Grounded is currently in Game Preview and Early Access. The team at Obsidian responsible for this fascinating survival game has now revealed their next plans for the game. In an interview with Windows Central, the creative director for Grounded, Adam Brennecke, shines a light on the Pond Update.

The team is aiming for November to launch The Pond Update, which adds a Koi Pond to the game with actual Koi fish which can eat you in a heartbeat. So don’t come too close. Oh and there are also some swimming spiders in the pond. Small detail.

Besides that the developers are adding enhancements to the game for Series X and Series S owners. The game will run at 4K/60 on Series X and 1080/60 on Series S with improved loading times, HDR and improved draw distance.

Here’s what’s coming in the November updates:

  • Series X|S enhancements
  • Koi Pond and a Koi Fish
  • Introduction of dungeons
  • New landmarks, including a pagoda
  • New research labs
  • Floating backpack
  • Diving Bell Spiders, tadpoles, water boatmen and water fleas
  • New crafting items (such as a diving mask, Koi Scale armor and an underwater lantern)
  • Buildable floating foundations and buoys

The Xbox Series X|S enhancements will be live on November 10th. The Pond Update is coming somewhere in November, but doesn’t have a firm release date yet. But, you can test out the update in the public insider test starting today.

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