Backwards Compatibility For Xbox Series X|S Detailed by Microsoft

In an Xbox Wire blog post today, Microsoft outlines the expectations players can have when they play their existing software on Xbox Series X and S. From the thousands of games already playable on Xbox One, you can expect Auto-HDR for nearly every game title, enhanced visuals and frame caps removed for select titles, and faster load times for every piece of software you can load up. They have also talked about this before, but games with dynamic resolutions or framerates will tend to hit their higher bounds much more. Ergo, games just plain run better on your next-gen Xbox and backwards compatibility is an awesome thing to have.

The Xbox team has done a phenomenal job with backwards compatibility. Over the last five years hundreds of Xbox 360 and a few original XBox games have been made playable on Xbox One and all that work will carry over to Xbox Series consoles. These games don’t run in special modes that lock out console features like previous generations have had and they just flat out play better thanks to the adjustments made by the fine folks who handle the backwards compatibility stuffs. Hopefully over the next few weeks Microsoft will announce that they will be resuming the XBox/Xbox 360 backwards compatibility program!

Auto-HDR expands on the colours in games. Now you, too, have a reason to play Fusion Frenzy again! (Microsoft)

You can read up on the blog post right here if you want all the nitty-gritty details. In the meantime, you can wait a month for the fancy new toy(s) just like all of us.

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