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Minecraft is getting a very large update called the Caves & Cliffs update

Microsoft’s biggest game is getting a new update next year. It’s called the Caves & Cliffs update and will bring a couple of eagerly requested features to the game.

At Mojang Studios’ yearly event, Minecraft Live, the new update was announced. There are a couple of different aspects to it.


One of the criticisms by Minecraft fans has always been the neglection of caves in Minecraft. With this update, Mojang is trying to fix that and it seem they’ve put some real effort into it. They’ll add new subterranean biomes which aren’t just dark and scary, but can be lush and beautiful. Besides that they’re also adding goats and axolotl’s (Here’s the Wikipedia page about it if you don’t have a clue about this creature either). There’s much more to the update, which Mojang have combined in a neat little video. You can watch that one below.

As always, Minecraft Live had an interactive part too. This year Minecraft fans could choose between three future mobs. One will be implemented. The public voted for the Glow Squid.

Want to watch the entire Minecraft Live show? Here’s the full YouTube stream:

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