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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members receive free anime with two months of Funimation

A new perk for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members has arrived. For fans of anime series like Dragon Ball Z and much more, you can now get two free months of the service with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Check the perks section on your Xbox or your Xbox app on Android, iOS or Windows 10 to receive the perk. Something to note: the Funimation perk is only available in select countries.

Pieter "SuikerBrood" Jasper

29 year old gamer who grew up with Commander Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit. A PC Gamer. (Sorry, not sorry). Dutch, but actually Frisian. Loves Age of Empires, Sea of Thieves and wishes for a new Viva Piñata.

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    1. Hey Borocor! It should still be there, but if you’re not within the US I don’t believe the promotion will apply to you.

    1. Hey Austin! You should reach out to Funimation support and let them know, they’ll fix it up for ya.

      1. So apparently you have to pay for premium first then you get the next 2 months of it free.

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