Asobo Studios (Flight Simulator) is working on another game for Microsoft EDIT: or not

Edit: It seems made some mistakes with the translation of the original article. Asobo didn’t claim selling 1 million copies of MSFS. This was in relation to A Plague Tale: Innocence.

The other part of the interview, which is behind a paywall, seemingly doesn’t mention a second project (anymore).

In a French piece by La Tribune, Sebastian Wloch the CEO of Asobo Studios comments on their relationship with Microsoft. It was made by 120 Asobo employees and Microosft has a 10 year deal with Asobo Studios for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Yesterday Microsoft and Asobo shared the Around the World Tour video for Europe

But, it seems Asobo is working on another game with Microsoft. We know one game they’re currently developing is with Focus Home Interactive. The relationship between Microsoft and Asobo Studios has seemingly led to another project.

From, who’ve first reported on this news:

”Finally, the studio says that in addition to the 10-year support for Flight Simulator, they are working on two new projects, one of which will be with Focus Home, while the second is another fruit of a partnership with Microsoft.”

For people interested in Flight Simulator and Asobo, please read the article on Madinfinite. The CEO also talks about using ForzaTech, Azure and the fact they’ve been working on this simulator for over 7 years.

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  1. Attualmente MFS 2020…E UN I MENSA CAGATA… Un bel giocattolone per pupi con il ciucco… No regge nemmeno l’unghia. di X-PLANE 11.50…Un vero Simulatore…

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