Starfield allegedly leaked: First Look at Bethesda’s next IP, 2021 release date

Starfield has allegedly leaked. These leaks apparently surfaced on various discords, though there isn’t any concrete proof where these images are coming from.


These images are clearly very early builds, and it is hard to tell if this is fake or actually the game itself. Some evidence that it may be Starfield is that the patch the astronaut-type figure has on their right shoulder in the first image matches up with a logo found in the Starfield announce. The font for the text in the HUD also matches up with the font found on the Starfield website.

This could all clearly be a well made fan fake, but it could also very well be our first look at Starfield.

When will this game release? There are rumors that we could have our hands on the game as early as next year. This game has been in development for a long time, and Todd Howard and Bethesda have a history of fully unveiling their games mere months before release.

All of this is speculation, but we should be seeing more of Starfield in the not too distant future. Starfield has a good chance of being Bethesda’s first Xbox exclusive game since the recent acquisition, and that is incredibly exciting.

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