Xbox Announces Xbox All Access Pricing

Xbox announced today that its plans for Xbox All Access Pricing along with the expansion of the financing plan to multiple countries. Both financing plans are offered at two year terms with 0% interest.

Starting at $24.99/month USD for an Xbox Series S (a $299 value), two years of game pass ultimate (a $359.76 value) for a total of $599.76. Buying everything separately would be $658.76, so gamers are actually getting a small deal financing this way. A nice addition to see as many financing plans add premiums, interest or finance charges to make up for the fact they don’t get the money up front.

For the premium Series X it’s $10 more a month at $34.99. This includes a Series X (a $499 value) plus two years of game pass ultimate (a $359.76 value) for a total cost of $839.76. Buying these individually would retail at $858.76 USD.

Originally, Xbox All Access was introduced as a test run a couple years ago for the Xbox One family of systems and was limited to a few countries and retailers. Xbox has expanded the list to more than 12 countries and multiple retailers starting this holiday in Canada, Europe, South Korea and Oceania.

Xbox has been aggressive with pricing and financing in the lead up to next gen, and all of this is a part of the plan to get as many people into the Xbox ecosystem as quickly as possible. The Series S is a very enticing offer for new comers to the Xbox ecosystem as it is the cheapest barrier of entry to next-gen. On top of having all the next gen features of the Series X and Playstation 5, it also does it for cheaper, in a smaller form factor, with the only compromise being the targeting of 1080p displays and those without a keen eye for native 4k visuals. Games that run at 120fps on Series X will also run 120fps on Series S, just at 1440p instead of 2160p.

The barrier of entry into next gen has been set, and it’s only $25. The first month’s payment for All Access financing of Xbox Series S. For $25, consumers can walk out of the store with a new next gen console, two years of multiplayer, and a two year subscription to Game Pass with access to over 200+ games available day one.

This generation should be fun to see if Xbox can gain lost ground back in Europe, while also growing in North, Latin, and Central America. Exciting times ahead.

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