The Verdict is in: Xbox Series S Has the Internet Hyped

Late last night in the United States, a prominent Microsoft insider named Brad Sams leaked the leaked key details about the Xbox Series S. And the big talking point other than the boombox grill was the price, set at $299 US Dollars (expected retail price).

A short while after this tweet by Sams, the official Xbox Twitter put out this:

And with the cat out of the bag, the console was revealed!

This sent Twitter and gaming forums into a frenzy. Next-gen begins for the price of a Nintendo Switch which is fantastic. The real surprise was how positive overall reception has been from the general public compared to the messaging from enthusiast forums.

There was more fun as brands from gaming and non gaming spaces joined in on the fun.

Overall, it seems the consensus is that Microsoft handled this leak very well and did well leaning in and adapting to capitalize on free internet mindshare. The take away is that the console is small, cheap and ready to go for launch November 10th.

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  1. In retrospect no dedicated event or announcement could have turned out better than this. Series S is positively appealing to alot of people out there.

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