EA Play Coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

Today Xbox announced that EA Play is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members at no extra charge. The move aligns with Microsoft’s goal of adding value to their top tier subscription service. Ultimate members currently get access to Game Pass on console, Game Pass on PC, Xbox Live Gold, xCloud on Android devices for Game Pass titles, and now EA’s Play subscription service ($5 a month value, formerly known as Origin Access).

EA Play contains over 60 games of EA’s most notable franchises such as Fifa, Mass Effect, Madden, Dragon Age, Star Wars and The Sims. Many older games are in a vault and can be played for an unlimited amount of time.

The best feature of EA Play is it allows members to play new titles day 1 for up to 10 hours. You can play around with the newest Battlefield or Madden for up to 10 hours before you decide if they want to buy the game outright. If they do, they get a 10% discount on the title.

Lastly, some of EA’s most well known games are coming to xCloud and will be included as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service. Xbox and EA have always had a close relationship, and Xbox was the only of the three console manufacturers that let EA put their Origin Access membership on their platform. This move seems like a natural evolution.

With the addition of EA Play, Game Pass Ultimate members can get access to a total of 260 games, 200+ on Game Pass and the 60+ currently on EA Play for the monthly cost of $14.99/month USD.

Game Pass Ultimate will also be part of the All Access Financing Plan from Microsoft for the Xbox Series S ($24.99/month for 24 months) and X ($34.99/month for 24 months). Gamers can drop $25 and they will get access to a next gen console with fast load times, ray tracing, quick resume, access to four generations of games all enhanced, and an instant library of hundreds of games. Insane value.

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