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The next Sea of Thieves update is called Vaults of the Ancients and includes dogs, a new gold hoarder quest and more coming September 9th

It’s that time of the month again. Rare has released a new edition of the Sea of Thieves news. In this video they partially reveal what’s coming in the next update.

This update will include dogs. The arrival of our furry friends to the dangerous seas was announced at last weeks Gamescom show. At a developer session Rare also revealed a new type of quests for the gold hoarders is coming to Sea of Thieves.

With the new quest players will be able to earn reputation for the gold hoarders in a different way than the two options you’d have now. In addition to treasure maps and riddles, players can now solve ancient vault quests. You are tasked to deliver keys for the ancient vaults, which are filled with treasure. You can either deliver the key to the gold hoarders for a reward, or use the key yourselves and find the riches for yourselves.

And there’s a twist. You’ll be time constrained but have the option to find medaillions in the vaults, which you can use to uncover even more treasure. A multi-layered adventure for a short, long or even longer adventure.

Besides this, the new update includes some accessibility and quality of life improvements. You cana now change the position of island name banners, operate the game with one stick.. oh and they’ve added mysterious notes.

Mysterious notes are added to the game to keep players informed on what’s new in the world of Sea of Thieves. Haven’t caught up yet with all the content that’s been added? Check your mysterious notes to learn more about the mysteries in the world of Sea of Thieves.

The Vaults of the Ancients is releasing on September 9th and, as always, is a free update to the game.

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