Series X launch title ‘The Falconeer’ announces Closed Beta for PC

The Falconeer, developed by Tomas Sala and published via Wired Productions is an upcoming launch title for Xbox Series X. It’s also launching on PC via Steam, and it’s here you can get a chance to play a closed beta of the game.

What do you need to do? Simply join The Falconeer Official Discord server. Once there, head to the announcements channel and check the details in order to apply.

Beta participants will be picked at random, so best of luck if you’re looking to play a sneak peak early.

If you want to preorder a very fancy collectors edition of the game, head here to find out how.

We’ve had the pleasure of Tomas’ company on the XboxEra Podcast – if you want to hear more from Tomas on the game and his thoughts on all sorts of topics, check out the episode below:

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