UPDATE: Ray-Tracing is confirmed by Bloober Team.

[UPDATE]: Bloober Team have reached out and clarified that the change seen on is a mistake and Ray-Tracing is 100% confirmed for The Medium on Xbox Series X.

The developers are working hard on the game and we can’t wait to see more.

[ORIGINAL ARTICLE]: An interesting discovery from XboxEra Forum member “Bsigg” has shown that The Medium’s ray-tracing capabilities may now be in doubt.


From the screen shot on the following page, it has now been removed (Link).

However, on the Xbox Series X Game Listing page, Ray-Tracing is still listed as a part of The Medium’s design.


This could of course, just be an error – or perhaps the developers have chosen a new path forward – and one that may no longer be ray-traced.

We’ll try to find out.

Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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  1. Another of the many Xbox games that is being overlooked just because it doesn’t say Sony or PlayStation on its title screen. Say what you want about xbox’s shows and halo infinite not looking finished or next gen but there was more interesting looking games on MS’s stage than Sony’s. All sony had that I’d buy a ps5 for is demons souls and possibly hzd2 but neither are launch titles anyway. Even in Halo’s current state it still looks more fun gameplay wise than anything Sony showed (again aside from demons souls which is an amazing game). Stalker 2 and Warhammer darktide look sick. The medium looks awesome too, scorn has a lot of potential to be great, hellblade 2, of course fable and the next obsidian game avowed will be amazing. I know it’s a long shot but maybe state of decay 3 will finally look like a AAA game that we’ve always wanted it to be.
    The ascent isn’t AAA but it looks f awesome. Why does everyone act like Sony has such a good lineup. Demons, hzd2, ratchet, and Spiderman dlc is all they have. Oh and Forza beats GT all day long. There’s such a massive Sony bias in the industry and I’m sure Sony will continue to sell more consoles but Xbox will continue to be more forward thinking and superior all around. After all, most of ps5’s “new” features were out right copied or inspired from Xbox already having them . BC, BC enhancements, haptic triggers, 3d audio, Sony stole achievements from Xbox, they’re even using MS streaming infrastructure to be able to stay competitive in game streaming and it won’t be long before Sony has a rip-off version of gamepass, guaranteed.

    1. Man I hate Sony, all they had last gen was a BloodBorne & God Of War, the rest were pretty much outdated or copycat game but with noticeably “eye pleasing” visuals

    2. If thats what you like then have fun and game on man. Why does Sony even have to be brought up? You clearly don’t like Sony and thats ok. But stating your opinion as facts doesn’t make you any better than Sony fanboys who dismiss Xbox.

      You also sound like a salty fool saying Sony copied features from Xbox.

      1. The triggers are NOT the same thing at all and you’d know that if you ever tried it.
      2. 3D audio….. you mean Dolby Atmos? Sony Created their own custom 3D audio for the PS5 while MS just purchased a license to allow Atmos on their console.
      3. Sony “stole” achievements 🤣 and so did everybody else in the industry (Steam, EA origin, Uplay, etc.). Someone had to create it, and it just happened to be MS…. congrats.

      Hows that Share button working out for ya? MS copied all of that stuff. But I’m going to assume that doesn’t matter to you since it doesn’t help your point.

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