Project xCloud Preview is ending on September 11th

As Microsoft has today announced Project xCloud preview will be launching into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on September 15th, it seems Microsoft is (partially) shutting down the preview program for the service.

The new Game Pass app for Android, with cloud play integration

Users have received an email stating the following:

Your game progress will be saved, and you can continue where you left off with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or by purchasing the game.While this door may be closing, others will open in the future. You may hear from us as new opportunities to test cloud gaming experiences become available, so stay tuned!

On September 15, cloud gaming will become a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With Xbox Live Gold included and over 100 games to play and discover on console, PC, and Android devices, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate just keeps getting better.

Thanks to your feedback, we have been able get Project xCloud ready for its Ultimate role.

Part of the e-mail send by Microsoft to preview users

It is unclear what will happen to the iOS Preview for xCloud. Currently, iOS preview members can only play Halo: The Master Chief Collection with Project xCloud due to Apple restrictions. Project xCloud will also not launch on September 15th. No date has been given for the platform.

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