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A combo-driven rogue-lite action-platformer, Fury Unleashed harks back to the games of old, where careful but quick reactions are often required to survive, much like Metal Slug and Contra.

And in the same theme as those games, you need to constantly shoot, move and upgrade to stand any chance of staying in one piece.

Now, this should immediately inject some nostalgia

You play as a character in a living comic book, fighting through level after level of platform-style encounters, all presented in the form of comic book panels, which are distinctly styled and coloured, presenting a varied tapestry of fast-paced action.

Old school

Like the aforementioned old school counterparts, Fury Unleashed is ruthless. It’s a tough game that regularly tests your ability to jump, fire, charge and launch grenades, all while being hounded and attacked by a multitude of enemies. Here, mastery of your controls keeps you safe.

This sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but Fury Unleashed introduces you to the frantic world of combat through an essential tutorial series. You start off learning basic movement, before steadily working your way through a range of enemies for you to kill.

By the time you get to the final tutorial missions, you should be well versed in a multitude of combat techniques. If not, keep practising until you do.

Those Metal Slug feels

Keep busy

But it’s not easy. Enemies attack from above, below, and on the same level as you, with sharp implements, bullets or something more explosive, usually all at the same time. That’s where the upgrades come in handy.

Combos and upgrades, along with your nifty thumb-twiddling skills, are what keep you alive here, as they provide you with more powerful attacks and weapons, and that includes damage modifiers.

But there are also additional factors that provide rewards, be it completing a kill count under a given time limit, or meeting a straightforward kill count for additional protection. But these rewards don’t come with a price. (AWK)

Upgrade, combo, shoot and stab…

Aggression is key here. Standing off to the side on a ledge for too long, trying to plan your way through will often be your undoing. The rewards are limited and often require a steady stream of vanquished enemies to maintain things like shields or weapon boosts, so standing still isn’t the way to go.


Though not as expansive as some other bigger titles, Fury Unleashed is a superb little number that compels you to stay sharp and always attack. Do that, and the rewards mount up.

But it does require constant attention and vigilance, which means it probably won’t suit those who like to sit back and have a relaxing adventure.

Reviewed onXbox One
Available onXbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4|5, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC
Release DateMay 8th, 2020
DeveloperAwesome Games Studio Sp. z o. o.
PublisherAwesome Games Studio Sp. z o. o.
RatedPEGI 16

Fury Unleashed




  • Fast Gameplay
  • A solid platformer


  • It's relentless
  • Gets a bit same-y after a while

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Flugel Meister (Dave) is a longtime video gaming fan, who's love for all things pixelated began way back in 1980, when he ventured onto his brother's Grandstand console before progressing to a Dragon 32 and then a Spectrum 48K. That's right. he's old. When he's not gaming, he can be found swimming in the country's reserves of cheesecake. Follow him on Twitter: @GamerCadet

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