Halo Infinite- A Few Thoughts About The Gameplay Reveal

1. The art style is a mix of old and new– 343 has mostly nailed the look of this game in terms of art style. The game looks like a modern take of Halo: Combat Evolved with a mix of influences from all other Halo’s. While there are a few issues in terms of fidelity, textures, and overall quality, the artistic choices mostly look great.

2. The Graphics are somewhat underwhelming– While the art style shines, the overall graphics are not as good as we might have hoped. There is just something… flat about the graphics in certain areas. Some models just don’t look good, and there are numerous moments of pop in, weird looking textures, and odd looking geometry. The demo we saw was a work in progress, so hopefully by the time the game launches some of these issues are addressed.

3. Gameplay looks like a modern take on Halo 3– This game looks like 343 took the incredible sandbox of Halo 3 and added a few mobility options. Equipment is back and seems to be better than ever. So far we have seen a grappling hook and a shield, and more equipment is definitely going to come. Halo 3, in my opinion, has the best sandbox in gaming history. A modern take on that sandbox could potentially make Halo Infinite a truly special game.

4. The world is expansive– We now know that the game takes place on Zeta Halo, and that bodes well if you want an expansive world. While we do not know if this game is truly an open world game, the environments are likely to be huge, and that is incredibly exciting.

5. Halo Infinite is a game for Halo fans– Halo Infinite looks like 343 took years of feedback from hardcore Halo fans about what they loved about the series and made a game based on that. This could be risky, giving players what they want isn’t always a good thing. But so far, outside of a few hiccups, everything we have seen from Infinite looks fantastic. We hope as more details come in that this continues to look like a dream game for Halo fans.

Austin "Proven"

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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