LIVE: Xbox Games Showcase

Today is the big day for Xbox. We’ll see Halo Infinite and whatever else Microsoft has in store for us. XboxEra is providing live coverage of the show in various ways. You can check out the live reactions by our XboxEra podcast crew on our YouTube, Twitch and Twitter pages.

If you want to keep up with the event, check out our liveblog below. We’ll post the trailers as soon as they come and will keep you up to date with everything happening during the show and pre-show.

Live updates:

As Dusk Falls is a Xbox Game Publishing interactive drama coming to Xbox Game Pass
Here it is. Fable has arrived.
Some console exclusive trailers shown at the event
This is Avowed, the next RPG from Obsidian Entertainment
A funny trailer from Obsidian for Grounded
Tell Me Why’s first chapter is coming August 27th
A new trailer for Everwild has been shown, but we still have no idea what the game is about
A new Forza Motorsport has been announced
State of Decay 3 has just been announced
This is Halo Infinite’s gameplay
5 minutes to go!

Here’s the trailer for Balan Wonderworld
XboxEra is live!

XboxEra is now live on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter to react to the showcase, live.

Square-Enix has just announced Balan Wonderworld, an action RPG by Naka Yuji
Now it’s time for the ID@Xbox sizzle reel we see at E3 each year
It seems we’ll never stop seeing Hello Neighbour games. this is Hello Neighbour 2
Echo Generation is a Stranger Things-like indie game from Canada
We now get a new trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion
Exomecha is a free to play game coming to Xbox in 2021

Now, on to a new game. A world premiere, we could say. Exomecha is a free to play game coming to Xbox in 2021.

Dragon Quest XI S Echoes of an Elusive Age trailer
Dragon Quest XI S is coming to Xbox Game Pass

There’s the first announcement of the day. Dragon Quest is coming to Xbox Game Pass. It’s coming December 4th.

The guests seem well informed.

Geoff his guests seem to be well versed in Microsoft’s gaming platform. Talking about xCloud, the acquired studios and the technical details of Xbox Series X right now.

The pre-show is live!

Currently Geoff Keighley is asking his guests, including Austin Evans, what their expectations are for the event.

Pre-show with a lot of guests

The pre-show at YouTube Gaming with Geoff Keighley will be an hour long, with a long list of guests.

We’re a few minutes away from the pre-show with Geoff Keighley on YouTube. The actual Showcase is starting at the following times:

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