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15 million people have played Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has hit a new milestone. Two years and 4 months after the release of the pirate adventure game over 15 million people have played the game. The game has released on Steam to great success in June, having been in the top selling list top 10 ever since launch.

Rare has released some other impressive numbers regarding Sea of Thieves today.

The game has sold over a million copies on Steam, with last month being the biggest month for Sea of Thieves yet with over 3.3 million players.

Pieter "SuikerBrood" Jasper

29 year old gamer who grew up with Commander Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit. A PC Gamer. (Sorry, not sorry). Dutch, but actually Frisian. Loves Age of Empires, Sea of Thieves and wishes for a new Viva Piñata.

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