The new Sea of Thieves update is called Ashen Winds and brings a new weapon – out July 22nd

Rare has posted a new Sea of Thieves News video today. In this update the team behind the shared multiplayer pirate game have revealed some information on the upcoming update. It’s called Ashen Winds and it’s coming July 22nd. The update will mainly two things. A new encounter with a new reward and fixes for hit registration.

While Rare hasn’t revealed what the new encounter will be like, we do have information on the reward you get by defeating it. An ashen wind skull will be your reward. It’s both a treasure and a weapon. You can use it to set other players and ships ablaze, like a flamethrower, but the longer you hold on to it, the less gold you’ll receive for it when selling it to Lady Olivia.

Besides this, Rare is working on improving the hit registration. This has been a much heard request from the community, has hit detection hasn’t been great in the game. The team back at Twycross is bringing the first set of fixes on hit registration in the upcoming update.

We’ll probably hear more about Ashen Winds in the coming week.

Pieter "SuikerBrood" Jasper

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  1. Why can’t you guys just give PC players there own severs an make Xbox an PS4 cross platform because we both deal with button reloads on holding them not click click your done there’s to many PC grifers!!! An me an my friends an boyfriend are coming across more an more of them can’t even have fun anymore!!!!

      1. When you disable cross-play you won’t be put in a server with people using keyboard and mouse and PC users (no matter if they use a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse).

    1. PC players needs the player base from console players, and without it we’d have such fewer amount of players that PC player base would be dying off. Steam has brought a significant amount of players, this has helped PC a lot, reducing the player base even more to the extent of seperating servers would be terrible for PC and there should rather be buffs or balancing changes for console and allow them to have some kind of compensation for what they have to go through with PC players. Seperating servers has been considered already in the past, and they did not go through with it. Thank goodness, I would not be playing on PC today if that would’ve been the case.

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