Gears 5 Operation 4 has launched with a new take on the marketplace

Yesterday, The Coalition has launced their new addition to Gears 5, called Operation 4. This update brings a set of new characters, patches and an overhaul of the monetization and progress in multiplayer. You can read all the patch notes here.

Six new characters

The new characters in Gears 5 – Operation 4

New characters have been added to Gears 5. And yes, Dom is back.


  • Dominic Santiago
  • Garron Paduk
  • Jinn-bot
  • UIR Soldier


  • Zamil Karn
  • Locust Grenadier

Due to a faster production process within The Coalition to create more characters, not all the added characters will have new ultimate abilities usable in PvE modes. Garron Paduk has a new ultimate, which can be used in PvE modes. It’s a crowd control ability. You can read more about it here.

Revamped monetization and progress

With the Operation 4 update, The Coalition is introducing a new in-game currency. Gears Coins.

These coins can be earned just by playing the game, which makes it easier for players to obtain items. A new store has been introduced where you can spend the coins (or iron).

All the information on how to obtain these coins and what you can spend them on can be found here.

Maps and achievements

The update also brings new maps to the game. We see the return of Blood Drive and Checkout. But, we also see a new map being introduced to the game. It’s called The Reactor.

A new set of achievements is also released in this update. Those are:

  • Bah! Child’s Play (5) – Escape a Hive with Paduk
  • What’s This Thing Doing Here? (5) – Acquire any Weapon from the Fabricator in Escape
  • Payload Delivered (15) – Escape all Operation 4 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher
  • Let’s Try That One Again, Shall We? (5) – Wake-up in the Med bay while escaping a Hive in Escape
  • Year of the Scorpion (50) – Complete all Year One Escape Hives
  • Brothers in Arms (10) – Complete 12 consecutive waves of Horde Frenzy with Baird & Paduk in your Squad
  • Efficient Excellence (10) – Win a Match of Horde Frenzy on Master Difficulty
  • Controlled Bursts (5) – Win a Match of Horde Frenzy (any difficulty)
  • Fresh Grubs (5) – Complete a Featured Horde Map from Operation 4
  • Now We Understand Each Other (30) – Master All Featured Horde Maps from Operation 4
  • Make ’em Bleed (10) – Deal 30,000,000 damage in Versus
  • Absolute Carnage (20) – Deal 100,000,000 damage in Versus
  • Yep, I’d say they’re dead (10) – Kill 25,000 enemies in Versus
  • Nothin’ but bits! (20) – Kill 100,000 enemies in Versus
  • Eyes on Target (10) – Get 12,500 assists in Versus
  • Covering Fire (20) – Get 50,000 assists in Versus
  • A War That Will Be Won (25) – Re-up 40 Times
  • Illustrious (30) – Reach Character Level 15 with 10 Characters
  • Decorated Soldier (10) – Win a match of Gridiron with an Operation 4 Hero or Villain
  • A Nice Present For You (10) – Kill an enemy using a planted Grenade in Gridiron mode
  • Protect This House (10) – Get a Denial on an Enemy while they are inside your Endzone with the flag in Gridiron mode
  • Take a Look Around (5) – Complete a Versus match on Reactor, Blood Drive & Checkout
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (10) – Master an Escape Hive and Horde Map from Operation 4
  • A Challenger Emerges (10) – Rank up to Silver in a Ranked Versus Mode

All in all this is a hefty update for all the Gears of War fans. You can find more information on all of the aspects of Operation 4 on the official Gears of War website.

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