The team at Windows Central expect Xbox event to be the “week of July 20”

As we leave an uneventful June behind for Xbox and enter what should be a great July, the question on everyone’s mind has been when Xbox’s July event will be. While Xbox has yet to confirm a date, Jez Corden over at Windows Central has indicated that the event will be later in July.

In a recent predictions article for the July event, Corden noted that “Microsoft thus far hasn’t given a timeline for the July event, but multiple sources with knowledge of Microsoft’s plans suggest that it will fall around the week of July 20.” Jez Corden and Windows Central are some of the most plugged in sources for all things Xbox, so what they say should almost be taken as fact. Corden does say that things are subject to change, which makes sense, but as now it is safe to assume that the week of the 20th is a range for when the event will be.

This is a big moment for Xbox, who are looking to make a splash after a very underwhelming May showing. The PS5 event was in June, and while it didn’t set the world on fire, it did show off a lot of good looking games. Xbox should have a lot to say, and hopefully for our sakes, show. It’s time for Xbox to stop talking about their first party teams and show off what they’ve been working on, and we think they are going to deliver.

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