Sea of Thieves on Steam is a big hit – new concurrent peak numbers every day since launch

On June 3rd Sea of Thieves launched on Steam. When it launched it was the top selling game of the platform. But, as days have gone by there seems to be no stopping Rare’s pirate adventure game on the platform. Today the game peaked at over 60 thousand concurrent users – in comparison, that’s equal to Rocket League and Civilization 6 – with adding four or five thousand concurrents to its peak every day.

The top games by concurrent users on Steam

Peak concurrent per day

  • June 3rd – 10,867
  • June 4th – 19,736
  • June 5th – 27,035
  • June 6th – 34,033
  • June 7th – 41,110
  • June 8th – 41,949
  • June 9th – 46,204
  • June 10th – 50,450
  • June 11th – 51,980
  • June 12th – 55,244
  • June 13nd – 59,404
  • June 14nd – 63,365

On June 17th a new update will come to Sea of Thieves, adding ghost ship armadas and new shanties to play.

Source: SteamDB

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