Phantasy Star Online 2 can now be played without using the Microsoft Store on PC

After a launch week filled with problems for Phantasy Star Online 2, the community has now made it possible to install the game without using the Microsoft Store. This means one of two problems have been eliminated. As the Microsoft Store was giving many players trouble, the problems with the Sega Phantasy Star launcher are still present. After almost 5 years, Microsoft still hasn’t been able to completely fix the Microsoft Store. Which is hampering their efforts on PC. For now, Phantasy Star players will be happy to know they can at least jump over this hurdle now.

From the Arks Layer team:

Hello @NA! Exciting news! We’ve developed a way to install the game without involving the Windows Store – This means you can install it from scratch using the Tweaker, anywhere you want and on any drive. This also theoretically fixes the Windows Store nuking it (theoretically, since it sidesteps the issue entirely. We’ve tested it through numerous reboots, crashes, etc). Happy days! This will install a standalone version of Phantasy Star Online 2 NA \o/

More information can be found here.

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