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‘Lost Treasures’ is a quality of life update for Sea of Thieves adding events, checkpoints and cosmetics

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the team at Rare is working from home. This means putting out monthly updates becomes a difficult task. But, Rare has been able to put out an update this month. It includes many quality of life features such as checkpoints and an armory in the Ferry of the Damned. Besides this, Rare is bringing more events to the game to keep players engaged.

Learn more about the update below.

Daily Bounties, Fort Nights and Gold Rush events

To make sure people return and keep playing Sea of Thieves untill the next update arrives, Rare has added all kinds of events to the game. As many other service games, Sea of Thieves now has daily quests called Daily Bounties.

This means that whenever you launch Sea of Thieves, you are greeted with the daily bounty. These are small objectives you’ll have to complete to receive a reward. Rewards vary, depending on the difficulty of the task. Rare has created a special website for these daily tasks. You can visit it here.

Two other events are coming to the Sea of Thieves soon. This is a State of Decay-inspired event, to earn yourself a State of Decay ship set.

Other than that, a new Hunter’s Haul event is coming to the game very soon. Merrick has been planning a new event after the last one was very successful. And the latest addition to the world of Sea of Thieves, the The Reaper’s Bones, also have an event planned. You can earn emotes by delivering them Reaper’s Chests and Reaper’s Bounties.

Each day Sea of Thieves will have some sort of happy hour, called the ‘Gold Rush’ in which you are able to earn more gold for the chests you deliver from Tall Tales, Forts and Daily Bounties. And each Friday players will be able to get a better return on Stronghold treasure from Forts. These events have a great name: Fort Nights.

Overall this is a smaller update, but it seems Rare has tried to put enough in it to keep people engaged for the coming weeks.

Want to learn more about this Sea of Thieves update? You can find the official page here.

Oh, and you may find a special Joe ”Three Sheets ” Neate emotes in the game. To ‘honour’ the, at this point, famous executive producer of the game.

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