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Next update for Sea of Thieves is called ‘Lost Treasures’ – impacted by working from home

In the latest edition of Rare’s ‘Sea of Thieves News’ we’ve learned the name of the next update, due next week, and have more information on their Steam release.

The next update for Sea of Thieves is called ‘Lost Treasures’ and is expected to be a quality of life update for the most part. If any additional gameplay elements are added, they will be minor. We could see more in-game events pop up in the next few weeks, to keep players engaged, says executive producer at Rare, Joe Neate. This is the smallest update since Rare has started their monthly update rhythm. According to Neate, this is due to the difficulties created by fully working from home. Delivering game builds to developers homes, with varying internet speeds, is one of many obstacles in game development during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Building and maintaing a live service game during these times must be difficult challenging for the studio in Twycross.

The Steam release date will be announced ‘very soon’ but will be kept under wraps untill Rare is confident enough to put out the date. They are working on preparing for a new influx of players and making the Steam release as smooth as possible.

We should expect a release date for the Steam version of the game any moment now.

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