Microsoft announces a new Series-X logo for optimized games

The logo was revealed hours before the May Inside Xbox event in a series of next gen showcase livestreams from team Xbox. This appears to be a badge that can be made into a sticker or printed on game boxes that can identify with ease games that will take advantage of the power the Series X can provide. These can include; Higher framerates, better visuals, 4K native gaming with support for 8K video, faster loading times and snappier controller response.

Other features that have been shown before in the Austin Evans breakdown video which includes; ray tracing with path tracing enabled, load time improvments of over 100% and the new DirectML engine which adds features like HDR support to games that previously did not have it with minimal developer input.

Ray Tracing @ 2:45, Auto HDR @ 20:10

Given that we are only hours away from the Series X May event we will surely see these features expounded upon. For more updates as they happen keep refreshing

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