Rumor: Xbox Series X already in production at full capacity

UPDATE: There seems to be mixed reports on this info after it was stated. Again, take all rumors as what they are, rumors. Don’t take any rumor as confirmation until it is confirmed by the parties involved.

The Xbox Series X is still slated to release later this year, and head of Xbox Phil Spencer continues to reiterate that point.

According to a recent rumor, the production of the console may already be in full swing. According to ResetEra user tusharngf, “Xbox series x production has started in Malaysia and China already on last week’s Monday. They are going in with full capacity.”

Anyone can say anything on ResetEra so the comment alone does not assure credibility, but ResetEra mod Transistor said that the user’s info was “reliable on the subject”.

We do not know the full extent of how the user gained this information, or even how the ResetEra mod confirmed the information. As with any piece of information nothing is official until it is confirmed by the parties involved. But we do believe that the information is noteworthy and the verification process on ResetEra to be thorough.

If this is true, then it would mean that Microsoft is on schedule and would assumedly be able to hit their 2020 release plans during these uncertain times.

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  1. It uses a super stripped down windows system for computer functionality from my understanding. It can hardly run Microsoft Edge so idk why it would run Steam and those games

  2. That’s like saying “if I can’t play Nintendo Switch games on a PS5 I’m not buying one” hahaha.

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