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Microsoft Flight Simulator seems to require a beefy machine as specs are revealed

The specifications for Microsoft Flight Simulator have been revealed by Asobo Studios. To play on the recommended or ideal settings, players need quite a beefy PC.

Each version requires 150GB free space on their drive. While on ideal settings, you’ll also need 50 Mpbs of bandwith do download all the extra information needed to play the game. The ideal specification is a PC with 32 gigabyte of RAM, a RTX 2080 and an Intel i7-9800X.

So, all the graphics that have blown our minds the last couple of months do come at a cost. But, the good news is that the minimum specifications are quite reasonable.

A Xbox version is also coming. But it seems Asobo has some more wizardy to perform to get it to run on this generation consoles.

Source: Microsoft

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