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The new Sea of Thieves update has cats and a new faction

Details and a trailer for the new Sea of Thieves update have been revealed at Inside Xbox. In this upcoming update, called Ships of Fortune, players will be able to represent their favorite faction by becoming an emissary and could be having a feline friend on board very soon.

You can see the trailer for the update below:

A new company will be added to the game. It’s called The Reaper’s Bones, a company that is out for blood. This is a true pirate company. If you decide not to become a emmisary for this company, you won’t see a dime from this lot.

The Reaper’s Bone company

Other additions to the game are the possibility to revive a friendly player in both Arena and Adventure modes. There will be a short revival window, where other players will have the option to revive a player.

Cats can be purchased in the Pirate Emporium. There are three breeds of cats being added to the game

  • The Scruffy Wildcat
  • Fluffy Ragamuffin
  • Slinky Mau

And of course you can buy outfits for your feline friends too. But beware, they’ll mostly be sleeping… like normal cats do.

Arena updates

The Arena mode will also get an update. Treasure maps will be removed from the mode, making place for beacons. Now you’ll fight over a single chest on the map marked by a Sea Dog Beacon. And the amount of cash-in locations has been slashed in half. Yes, that means there’ll be only one place to cash in your loot.

Besides that, match times have been shortened to 15 minutes.

There’ll be more information on this new update before it launches on April 22nd. So stay tuned on XboxEra for more Sea of Thieves news.

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