Gears 5: Operation 3 Gridiron is now active!

Gears 5 just got a new update which contains new content that is part of Operation 3: Gridiron.

You can also buy the new Operation 3-themed bundle which contains access to Cole, Clayton, Queen Myrrah and Theron Guard. It also includes the full Hot Rod weapon skin set. There’s also 30 days of boost and an additional 1000 Iron included with the bundle.

The Tour of Duty for Operation 3 will go live at 1PM PT on Tuesday 31st of March.

Slicer Dyster

Belgian. 21 years old. Grew up with Original Xbox which means you either feel pretty old while reading this bio or you question the idea of a Belgian Xbox fan. You can find me back on Twitter (@slicerdyster) and I'm active on ResetERA. Also, i love Gears.

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