Microsoft Flight Simulator keeps surprising and delighting us, this time with the multiplayer

Every once in a while, the team at Asobo reveals a different aspect of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, they’ve spoken about the multiplayer.

We’ve seen fantastic landscapes, realistic looking planes and mindblowing technologies. But today we see how we can enjoy all of these things in a shared world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will contain live air traffic data to populate the world, while also allowing other players planes in your game. It’s a shared world, where you can see up to 50 airplanes. Besides that, it’s possible to host a private session. This means you’ll only see players you’ve invited to your game. If you turn on the live mode, you’ll play with live weather. So when it rains in Edinburgh, it’ll rain in Edinburgh in the game too. This means all the sessions are the same for all players in this ‘live’ mode. And all of this is powered by Azure.

That’s not one Airbus

Most of all we’d like to advice you to watch the Discovery Series on YouTube. You can see the multiplayer video at the top of this article.

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