Gears 5’s Operation 3: Gridiron revealed.

The Coalition has officially shared the first look at the next Operation for Gears 5 called “Gridiron”.

The new Operation features a new game mode called Gridiron. This is a CTF-like game mode where you have two teams of each five players battling over getting the flag to the opposing team’s endzone. The first team to thirteen points wins the game. You get points by performing a Touchdown (2 points), killing the entire enemy team (2 points) or by holding the flag when the timer runs out (1 point).

Two new heroes will be added to Gears 5: Cole and Clayton Carmine. Both will feature unique ultimate abilities such as Cole who leaves a trail of fire and can stagger enemies while running or Carmine who deflects bullets when the ult is active.

Two new Villains will be added as well: Queen Myrrah and the Theron guard. Both will have unique passives in Arcade.

With the Operation comes new maps. Pahanu is a new map in Gears set in an old Seran ruin mixed with some jungle flora. Canals will also make it’s way to Gears 5. For 2v2 Gnasher, Arena and Annex will be added to the map roster.

In the “What’s Up”, The Coalition also clarified that it will look into resources for adding more traditional maps to the Gears 5 map roster. Info on this will be coming in the upcoming months.

More achievements will be added in the next Operation. You can watch the announcement video here:

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