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Bleeding Edge pre-install and achievements are up

For people eager to start at launch the pre-install for Bleeding Edge is now up and running. Players can download the game on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam and get started right away when the game launches on March 24th.

Besides that, TrueAchievements has also published the achievements for the Ninja Theory team brawler.

CertifiedPlay all the Tutorials50
Gnarly!Equip a new board30
Custom FittingsMake a new Mod build for any Fighter70
A Winner Is YouWin a match30
Dime In The PocketPlay 10 online matches100
FiddyGet 50 Kills120
Hurt LockerDeal 200,000 damage200
First AidHeal 200,000 HP200
Battery-PoweredHand in 100 cells100
TerritorialCapture 50 objectives100

And, if you’ve missed it. This is the launch trailer for the game:

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