The Wonderful 101 Remaster isn’t coming to Xbox because ”the engine is too different”

In an interview with Gematsu, executive vice president and studio head of Platinum Games Atsushi Inaba revealed why The Wonderful 101 Remaster isn’t coming to Xbox One.

When Platinum launched the kickstarter for the remaster of this 2013 action game, most people expected there to be a Xbox One version as an obtainable goal. Kamiya hinted at this. It seems Platinum Games knew beforehand that this wasn’t going to happen, so they ommitted it from the Kickstarter page.

The Xbox One version was planned, but Platinum Games found out that it would be too difficult to port the game to Xbox One. According to Inaba, this was due to:

the original engine for the game and the engine for the Xbox One are very different, and it’s not easy to port like the other systems

Atsushi Inaba, at

The newly announced Project G.G. by Kamiya is supposed to come to Xbox.

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