Airports update! Flight Simulator is just getting more impressive by the day.

In the newest feature discovery episode from Asobo and Microsoft we see what airports in the game will look like and what they’ll be able to do.

This is going to blow your mind.

Feature Discovery Series Episode 6: Airports


The game will include all airports in the world. But 37 thousand of them have been manually edited. On top of that, 80 of the most visited airports are completely handmade.

Then there’s the most iconic airports in the world, which will have a new level of realism to them.

Lukla / Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator

This includes some of the most difficult airstrips in the world. As an example the developers have added footage of Lukla Airport in Nepal. Notorious as one of the most intense and difficult airstrips on earth.


Also included in the game will be servicing at airports. Land your plane and see the boarding bridges, service and fueling trucks come to your plane. The boarding bridges are adjusted to the size of your plane.

If you are interested, be sure to check out the video. There is a lot of footage of airports throughout the world and more footage of airport live.

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