What’s New in Apex Legends Season 4

About a year ago, Respawn launched Apex Legends.  A first person battle royal game in the TitanFall universe.   The game was praised for its quality of life changes and gameplay.  The Ping system, movement and weapon balance felt great.  Some minor annoyances did not stop this from getting Multiplayer Game of Year from the Game Awards in 2019.  Well Apex Legends Season 4 has finally arrived and boy its awesome.  Lets discuss. 

Map changes are abound in Apex Legends.  The most notable change is the Harvester in the middle of the map.  Shooting a red beam of energy into the sky and creating lava rifts nearby, it’s a nice place to go to for decent loot.  However it does feel familiar all around the structure and can get kind of boring landing there.  Capital City has seen its far share of changes.  The city also now has lava rifts thanks to the Harvester.  It will be much harder for another team to third party a fight, but its not too difficult and players shouldn’t rely on these small changes too much. 

The new character Revenant is a good fit for Apex Legends.  A robot assassin with a snarky attitude is the best I can describe.  His abilities include launching a grenade at opponents and stopping them from using their abilities for a few seconds.  He also has a totem that he can created.  This  totem allows players on his team to activate an ability that, when attacked and hit, will only decrease their health, however once a sliver of health is left, they are transported back to the totem but with their shields still intact.  Revenant can also crouch walk faster and climb walls higher than the other legends.  His dialogue is pretty great and the voice acting is, as always, top notch.  

Of course Season 4 comes with changes to the weapons of Apex Legends.   The L Star can now be picked up like regular weapons around the map.  It can also use energy ammo and it makes for a great early game weapon.  The Devotion is now only in supply drops and its considered a legendary weapon.  This is best as the gun was an overpowered early game weapon, and a great late game gun as well. 

There is a new Sniper Ammo in Season 4.  Guns that include the Longbow, TripleTake, Charge Rifle, and the new Sentinel are classified as snipers.  The ammo is very limited.  10 bullets per box and can be hard to stack.  Respawn wants players to really calculate when and how they use this new ammo type.  The new Sentinel Sniper rifle is a bolt action sniper.  It is great to shoot with and has a nice feel to it.  However I still prefer the Longbow. 

The Battle Pass this season has improved.  The content I found to be much better and more fleshed out in prior seasons.  Legendary skins for Wraith and Watson are awesome.  New artwork, sounds, emotes and weapon skins  are top notch this season.  The final skin for the Flatline looks great and I cant wait  to earn that soon. 

Season 4 is not without its faults and they aren’t very good.  There have been reports of players getting booted from match due to server issues, lag and in my case, not being in a full squad sometimes.  While I found Season 3 to be solid in terms of getting rid of its server issues, Season 4 feels like a step back which isn’t good for a game that has been out for a year now. 

Overall, I am enjoying my time with Season 4.  The maps changes are welcome and fresh, the new legend is interesting and stands out from the rest of the characters.  The weapon changes are much needed and I think opens up to many different engagements over the course of the season.  Apex Legends in my eyes is still the best Battle Royal game you can play right now.  It’s a good as time for anyone to jump in and play. 

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