The first Bleeding Edge beta is happening right now

Rejoice, fans of team based brawling. The beta for Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge is live. Everyone who has pre-ordered the game on Xbox One, Windows 10 or Steam, everyone with Xbox Game Pass and all the alpha participants can now play as Buttercup, Gizmo and all the others.

The first beta will run from this friday, February 14th till monday February 17th. The exact times are in the time table above.

To participate you’ll have to download a beta client. The client is around 8GB in size. It can be downloaded on all platforms. If you are a Xbox Game Pass user you can download the beta on Windows 10 and Xbox One. If you have pre-ordered the game you can play it on the platform you’ve pre-ordered it on. More information on how to play the beta? Check out Ninja Theory’s official website.

Want to know more about Bleeding Edge? YouTuber Arkezz Gaming went to Ninja Theory and made a beginners guide.

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