Microsoft has tried to acquire Platinum Games, according to insider

According to Brad Sams, a well known journalist who works for and who has had many scoops regarding Xbox and Microsoft in general, Microsoft has tried to acquire Platinum Games last year.

In a response to gaming industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sams says Microsoft was looking to buy Platinum Games, but the deal either fell apart or Microsoft or Platinum games decided it wasn’t the right move.

Of course, Microsoft and Platinum Games have had a rocky relationship this generation. The studio was working on a ambitious project helmed by Kamiya, which turned out to be Scalebound. After a couple of showings at E3, the game was cancelled in 2017.

Meanwhile Phil Spencer has been very loud and clear about his wish for a Asian development studio within Xbox Game Studios. With Platinum Games off the list, which studio from Asia do you think will fit the current portfolio?

Pieter "SuikerBrood" Jasper

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