Former head of marketing at Netflix and Xbox 360 rejoins Xbox as Chief Marketing Officer

A user on named GING-SAMA found an interesting piece of information on LinkedIn today. The former head of marketing of Xbox Live during the Xbox 360 days, Jerret West, is joining Xbox again after a couple of years at Netflix. At that company he was head of marketing. West will have the same role, chief marketing officer, at Microsoft’s Xbox team.

This is the text on LinkedIn:

Jerret is the Chief Marketing Officer at Xbox. His role as CVP of Microsoft Gaming encompasses all marketing activity in support of gaming efforts across the company. That includes a 200 person global team and over half a billion dollars in marketing spend. His team develops marketing plans for games, hardware (console and accessories), and services (Game Pass and Xbox LIVE) across the division.

This is certainly interesting as Microsoft is heading more towards a subscription based model, with Xbox Game Pass as the primary example. It will be interesting to see if Game Pass can come close to the growth Netflix has shown in the past couple of years.

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