ESRB rating shows more information on Gears Tactics

The ESRB rating for Splash Damage and The Coalitions next game Gears Tactics tells us a little more on what to expect. We already knew it’s a game in the vein of XCom, with turn based tactical gameplay. But today we learn the game will have finishing moves, similar to those in the regular Gears of War games.

The ESRB rating description says this:

This is a strategy game in which players lead a squad of soldiers to stop aliens from destroying humanity. From a 3/4-top-down perspective, players use pistols, assault rifles, shotguns and grenades to kill enemy creatures in turn-based tactical combat. Battles are accompanied by realistic gunfire and screams of pain; combat intermittently depicts close-up camera angles—soldiers killing creatures, resulting in decapitation, dismemberment, and large blood-splatter effects. Soldiers can also perform finishing attacks (e.g., chainsaw kills, head stomps, neck snaps) on weakened enemies, highlighted by zoomed-in views. Cutscenes depict additional acts of intense violence: creatures shot in the head at close range; a creature impaled through the chest by a bayonet. The words “f**k,” “sh*t,” and “a*shole” are heard in the game.

Gears Tactics has received a M for mature rating. The game is releasing on April 20th for PC (Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC). A Xbox release is planned, but no reveal date has been announced yet.

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