5 Things Mixer Needs for 2020

In August 2016 Microsoft acquired Mixer, but back then it was known as Beam. Over the years the site has gone through some changes but its key features, interacting with streamers, and its ‘FTL’ (Faster-than-light) streaming technology have been its big selling points. However, the service has a long ways to go both in technical terms and its content. Here are some things I think Mixer needs for 2020.

Better Social Media Presence

I am on Instagram a few times a day – I enjoy it. While scrolling through I sometimes see the Twitch posts. They show montages of clips from streamers on their site. Usually its funny things that happen or stuff that is completely random. These are great and its a nice way for Twitch to promote its community and streamers themselves – which is vital.

Looking at Mixers Twitter, there is a huge gap between January 6th – January 13th of nothing being posted or retweeted to the main account. Perhaps something was tweeted or posted , but has since been removed. Mixer should create a bigger social media presence on other platforms.

Better VODs

This can go hand in hand with the point above, but Mixer needs a better VOD service. Currently “Clips” is still in Beta for almost 2 years now. There are no highlight features so that streamers can take some content from the stream and post it on the site forever. These may be helpful for amazing plays that other smaller streamers do, or even tips and tricks for games. It could also help with discover-ability. The technical aspect of Mixers VOD are almost non existent.

More Streamers

This goes without saying. Ninja, Shroud, King Gothalion and Ewok are a great start. However, Mixer can use more Streamers with a big audience. Pro players of specific games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, speed runners, ‘just chatting’ streamers, and anything in between. The more personalities that stream on Mixer the more viewers it will attract. Currently Mixer needs more viewers and that is what unique personalities bring in. Mixers current crop of Partnered streamers are great actually and are amazing at the games they play.

Battle Royal is a great genre and I am glad it exists. The top games on Mixer that viewers are watching are mostly Battle Royal games, Call of Duty or GTAV. Those are great, but some very popular games are missing from that top list like World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, or DOTA. Maybe its just me, but the vast majority of Mixer Streamers use Xbox to stream and this can affect some very popular PC to appear on the service if at all.

More exclusive content

This one can be tricky, but can work if done right. I think it would be smart if Mixer can strike deals with popular organizations or esports events to live stream. This could attract a big audience for the service. Or even attract pro players to stream on the service and bring their expertise on whatever game there is to Mixers audience. An exclusive esports event would be big and especially so if its from a big game like PUBG or Apex Legends.

Better UI

Several people that I talk to, find Mixer can be a bit cumbersome to navigate. Not a having a Search bar at the top of the homepage is a little weird and makes it harder to find the content you want. There is a search bar when scrolling down the homepage to search for channels, but that is it. Even on a streamers page there is no search bar. Searching is also limited to just channels, not content or games that you may want to view, requiring you to go to the games tab and opening a separate window. There is no easy access to see who you follow and who is online streaming, requiring you to open a separate window.

Overall I love Mixer and hope they continue onward with the service. However there is much more to improve upon which I feel can elevate it to a much better platform. The money just needs to be invested into different parts rather than just big streamers.

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