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New Sea of Thieves update ‘Legends of the Sea’ honours legendary players and brings a touch of Kameo to the seas

For the past few months, Rare has been updating their shared world adventure game Sea of Thieves on a monthly basis. Today they’ve launched the update for January called Legends of the Sea.

In this update players will investigate rumours for a new character who has arrived on the Sea of Thieves. Her name is Umbra and she is investigating the legendary players who have travelled the Sea of Thieves. Help her in her quest and get rewarded with tattoos and commendations.

Kameo brings a touch of fantasy to the sea

The Kameo ship set

Alongside the new quests from Umbra, the game has also gained a slight touch of high fantasy with the arrival of the Kameo ship set. Decorate your ship with a figurehead, cannons and more from Rares Kameo: Elements of Power game from 2005.

Mouse and keyboard? Xbox players can now say: nope

For Xbox players who don’t use a mouse and keyboard to play Sea of Thieves the game has now received an option to opt out of crossplay. This means you’ll only be matched with players on gamepads who play on Xbox One. This was a much requested feature from the Sea of Thieves community and it seems the game has a healthy enough playerbase to sustain this option.

Duke is back with gold!

While Stitcher Jim is nowhere to be found, an old friend has returned to the tavern. He has brought a new gilded quest from his travels around the sea. These quests give high rewards.. and news is spreading you can get a decent reward at the Reaper’s Hideout.

And of course there is plenty of other content to discover in the latest update. If you want to learn more about the Legends of the Sea content update, check out the official website.

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