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The newest Sea of Thieves content update is all about giving: Festival of Giving is out now

In the newest monthly update for Sea of Thieves we’re entering the festive times of the year. Rare has given their pirate adventure game an update that should make players more willing to give, than to steal.

Is this still a pirate life?

The biggest additions to the game are the Maiden Voyage, the new skeleton lords and the gift seeker voyages.

Gift Seeker

The gift seeker voyages are truly designed for the festive days of December. With this quest you’ll go on a journey to find gifts that have washed ashore the Sea of Thieves. After you’ve found these gift you’ll have to bring them to the Masked Stranger… and leaving a gift behind for the next pirate could earn you a nice commendation.

Maiden Voyage

The Maiden Voyage is designed to guide new players through their first steps into Sea of Thieves. The pirate lord will explain how the game works during your first pirate adventure. Even for experienced pirates this is something to try, there might be things you didn’t know before!

Skeleton Lords

New Skeleton Lords have arrived on the shores of the Sea of Thieves. Watch out for The Mutinous Helmsman, The Duchess and the Two-Faced Scoundrel. They take residence in forts and hoard some very valuable chests. This sounds like a hunt.

More information on the new update can be found here:

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