Phil Spencer: Project Scarlett name will reflect capabilities

Project Scarlett is around the corner, the new Console(s) for Xbox are coming sooner than you think, but we still don’t know the name for it. The next PlayStation will be called the PlayStation 5, of course, but we still don’t know what the name will be for the next Xbox.

In an interview with Stevivor, Spencer shed some light on the process that goes into naming a box.

He said that “Our naming convention has been around what we think the capabilities are,” he continued. “Xbox 360 was about the entertainment experience around the box and the box being in the center of that entertainment experience. Xbox One, if you remember our branding early on, was ‘always on input, all in one’. Those names were really built around the purpose of the box.”

This is interesting and it would follow how Xbox has decided to name their boxes in the past. A few months back I wrote an article where I pondered out loud what the name of the box would be. Xbox Infinite or Infinity would make a lot of sense to me. It goes hand it hand with Halo Infinite, and you can do a lot of cool branding with the name and symbol.

It will all just depend on how Microsoft sees the box and what they want their branding and messaging to be. The new year is almost here, so hopefully we hear about the box soon.

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