Microsoft is still planning on launching two consoles next year with Anaconda and Lockhart

There have been rumors for a while that Microsoft is planning to launch two next gen consoles. Anaconda, the powerful, premium console, and Lockhart, a cheaper, weaker alternative.

Those rumors have been floating around for a while, and when Microsoft went on stage at E3 this year and announced “Project Scarlett”, many thought the Lockhart alternative was no longer a reality.

According to Kotaku and The Verge, it looks like Lockhart is still coming. Kotaku and The Verge both confirmed that the plan is for Lockhart to come out alongside the more powerful Anaconda console in 2020. Both outlets also confirmed that Lockhart will come without a disc drive, will be cheaper and subsequently less powerful than Anaconda.

It’s an interesting strategy and fits in line with the vision Xbox has for its overall ecosystem. Microsoft wants everyone to have the ability to get into their ecosystem. Whether that be console, PC, or streaming, Xbox wants you to buy into their services.

The messaging for Xbox is the challenge. As we saw with the Xbox One, marketing just one console can be an absolute nightmare. Marketing two at the same time? That might prove even more difficult if Microsoft doesn’t have their messaging clear. It’s going to be up to the new regime over at Xbox to successfully launch these consoles, and there is a lot riding on a successful launch.

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