New Bleeding Edge alpha test includes new fighter Cass and a observer mode

During X019 Ninja Theory announced the new character in Bleeding Edge, Cass. She’ll be playable in the newest alpha build coming to Xbox and PC users tomorrow (Thursday November 21st). Besides the new character Ninja Theory is also adding a new observer mode.

Patch notes Bleeding Edge Alpha 20/11/2019

These are the new patch notes:

We hope so because this month we’ve got a some really exciting features for you to try out, for those of you who caught our launch trailer at XO19 already know these additions include our latest fighter:


This deadly hybrid assassin brings new options to the battlefield with her blend of precision ranged attacks and deadly melee specials. Cass chooses to traverse the world of Bleeding Edge using her powerful mechanical legs to quickly gain speed rather than use a hoverboard, this also gives her the option to leap high above battle and quickly chase down her prey.

We look forward to seeing how the community incorporates her into their team composition, it’s always really exciting for us to see how the players take our new features and apply them! The team are also super excited to let you know that you can watch your Cass plays on our brand new in game system:

Watch Zone

When you start up Bleeding Edge following this update you will see a new menu option named: Watch Zone, replays of your games will be automatically stored here for your viewing pleasure. Maybe there was an amazing kill you wanted to watch back, or perhaps you saw 4 people get mowed down by a train? Be you reviewing footage for training or for laughing the Watch Zone has you covered, we’ve even added a DEV match featuring Cass for everyone to check out straight away!

Not only can you re-watch your wins and study your defeats, you can spectate current games that are taking place whilst your queuing for a match. We look forward to seeing how this new feature will help grow the community and allow players to stay connected when playing online.

Starter Quest

One of the key areas of our focus during the technical alpha is how we can ensure a brand new players first time experience with Bleeding Edge is as positive as possible. Since the start of the technical alpha we’ve collected your feedback and have added content to help us achieve this goal. These include the added A.I to the Dojo, the improved character selection UI and the new tutorials for the various game modes in Bleeding Edge.

To further our goal of improving first time player experience with Bleeding Edge, we’re thrilled to announce the inclusion of the Starter Quest. When you start up the game you will find a new menu box on the right hand side, this is your Quest Tracker which will help you keep an eye on your progress as you complete the Starter Quest. This Quest requires players complete various steps to help introduce them to the world of Bleeding Edge, upon completion players will be rewarded with a super cool, totally awesome, one of a kind… (play the game to find out) …


  • Targeting
    We’ve made several tweaks and improvements to the in game targeting to hopefully improve functionality within the game.
  • Game Camera
    Similar to the targeting system, we’ve made some changes and improvements to the in game camera to improve functionality.
  • Jibber Jabber
    Jibber Jabber messages will no longer pop up whilst you are in game. (and cover up your ability cool-down timers at the worst possible moment…)
  • Health Pick Ups
    Health pick ups can now be grabbed even if you are at full health, adding deniability to those tense fights where the enemy low on health is desperate to reach that Green Glowing Goody

Windows 10 & Steam

  • Audio Devices
    Players are now able to select their input and output devices from the Bleeding Edge options menu in-game
  • Push to Talk
    Push to talk is now set to ” \ “by default, this can be remapped by the player in the Bleeding Edge options menu.


  • A.I
    Both enemy and ally A.I in the Dojo will make more appropriate use of their abilities whilst active.

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