Microsoft reveals Xbox All Access

Services will continue to be at the forefront for Xbox. Today Microsoft introduced Xbox All Access For $19.99 players can get an Xbox console of their choice including either an Xbox One X, Xbox One S, or an Xbox One S All Digital Edition, a 24 month membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and more interestingly an upgrade for Project Scarlett next year.

To join the program players will need to visit a participating retailer and select the option they want. They will need to qualify for financing through Citizens Bank so a credit check will be needed.

The most interesting news today is the upgrade option to Project Scarlett next year. The offer to upgrade only last till December 31st, 2019 and players will need to visit the store they signed up for the financing and trade in their current Xbox console for the next gen device.

This seems like a good deal and makes us wonder if Microsoft will have a similar financing option for Project Scarlett next year when the system launches.

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