Skateboarding game Session delayed for Xbox One

Session, the skateboarding game from Creâ-ture Studios, announced at E3 2018, has been delayed for Xbox One. The game was supposed to have a game preview in October, but it seems it’s not ready for prime time yet. The game is now set to release on Xbox One consoles at the end of November or early December, according to the developers on their Facebook page.

The game has been in early access for Steam users on PC for a month now. The reviews on Steam are very positive. Developers from Creâ-ture have written the following statement on Facebook:

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, at this point, we need still need more time to port Session to Xbox One. That being said, we must postpone the Xbox One version release date to late November/early December.

We know this sucks and we totally understand as we know you have been waiting to play the game on console for a while now. We know it’s not great news to hear, but it’s not particularly fun to announce either, especially for a small studio like ours.

It is never easy to make such decisions as we know it can have an impact on several levels, so these decisions are never taken lightly.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you will stick around for the Xbox One release!

Creâ-ture Studios

We’ll have to wait a little longer to get our hands on this ID@Xbox title.

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