Microsoft Trademarks “Discover Your Next Favorite Game”

Gamepass is a very diverse service with many different titles, from multiplayer only games, action and adventure. all the way through to quirky indie games. It seems Microsoft wants gamers to know that Gamepass has a lot to offer and may even help them find a title they will enjoy immensely. Since it’s inception, Microsoft had the following tagline:

Recently, Sony finally updated PSNOW to include GTAV and some select PS4 classics…what was also added and updated; Their tagline:

This seems familiar…

Now, this isn’t unusual, but as the services are quite similar, it was amusing to see Sony using this tagline. It was short-lived however, as Microsoft have now trademarked the slogan for their own service, as noticed by the legendary Klobrille on Twitter, who provided a link to the trademarks website.

And indeed, it seems Sony have changed their wording, removing it entirely from the ad, and using the words “must-play” instead of favourite.

With Microsoft currently beta testing xCloud in the US, UK, and South Korea, they’re obviously keen to protect what is arguably the best feature they’ve produced this generation – Game Pass.

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