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Sea of Thieves Fort of the Damned update out now! – Includes banjo, new events and 2 player sloops in Arena

The newest update for Sea of Thieves is out now. In Fort of the Damned players will experience Halloween-themed events, a new instrument and loads of cosmetic options. Plenty of stuff is added to the game, so it seems players have enough to do till the next update arrives in November.

Fort of the Damned

The new events that come with this update have a spooky theme, just in time for Halloween. Rare has the following description for the event:

Beware, pirates, there’s evil abroad in this most hallowed of seasons! The Fort of the Damned has arisen, where dangerous lost souls have gained a foothold in our world. It’s up to you to send them howling back to the grave. You’ll need to work with other pirates and even the Ferryman himself to combat the strange new threat guarding this supernatural skeleton stronghold: the Shadows of Fate.

In Fort of the Damned players will search for Ritual Skulls and Flames of Fate. These flames can be held in torches, but require a different type of death. The flames can be gathered at the Ferry of the Damned. Players need six different Flames of Fate and a Ritual Skull to enter the Fort of the Damned.

Want more information? Talk to Stitcher Jim in-game. He’ll know more. Oh, and talk to the Bilge Rats!

Other additions

Alongside the new event Rare brought a couple of other additions. These include

  • Two player sloops in Arena
  • A new instrument, the banjo (not to be confused with Banjo)
  • Skeleton cosmetics for your pets
  • A full Killer Instinct ship livery
  • Random skeleton captains on islands
  • New two tone hair dyes

The update is live now. So.. what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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