Oxenfree downloaded three million times by Xbox Game Pass users and giveaways

Article by · October 9, 2019 ·

During IGN Unfiltered, hosted by Ryan McCaffrey, the creator of Oxenfree Sean Krankel has revealed their game was downloaded 3 million times by Xbox Game Pass users (and some other giveaways). The game made by Night School Studio is an indie hit and has been quoted by Microsoft and others to show the success of Xbox game Pass.

You can see 30 minute episode of IGN Unfiltered here. In this episode of Unfiltered McCaffrey talks with Krankel about Oxenfree, Afterparty and previous games he has made, such as 50 Cent Bulletproof.

IGN Unfiltered with McCaffrey and Krankel – IGN.com

Night School Studios’ next game is coming to Xbox Game Pass too. Afterparty is launching on October 29th and will be playable on the subscription service day one.

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